Watch The Dead Weather Perform Their New Single 'I Feel Love'

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The single came out of nowhere, with Jack White releasing Lazaretto in the middle of last year, I expected White to continue with his solo work until he formed a new group, and not continue work with a band that had already released two studio albums. However, because I loved the Dead Weather before, I had no worries about their new single being boring or tame. I Feel Love, for me, goes far beyond the boundaries of what the Dead Weather can limit themselves too. It has the swagger we all now Jack White possess, and his blues rock alternative background continues to flow right through Alison Mossharts’ lyrics until White again swings back around to his amped guitar rift.

This single is of top quality because this is exactly what you’d expect from The Dead Weather. With other groups, when they keep releasing singles that are of a similar sound, they get criticised and rightly so, however with The Dead Weather, and this track, it epitomises everything great about the band and its perfect for a sneak peak of the new album; they have released a hit that has wet our whistles and allows us to eagerly sit in anticipation for the album , and thats exactly what an early single should do.

This new age supergroup had never previously made it all the way to the top in terms of popularity among us Brits but they were ever present in the underground rock and alternative music across the country when hits such as ‘Cut Like A Buffalo’ and ‘Hustle and Cuss’ were released. Now, to follow on from the previous two albums and those tracks in particular, it’s going to take some genius from Jack White to prove that The Dead Weather are not another band that can’t replicate their earlier noughties success. This is Jack White were talking about though, and this record goes some way to proving how Jack White can come from the shadows to create a record that symbolises and amplifies the importance of new age blues rock in the modern era.

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