WATCH: Katy Perry Debuts New Song “Every Day Is A Holiday” In 2015 H&M Christmas Commercial

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Here is at last the song “Every Day Is A Holiday” by pop singer Katy Perry in its full version and high quality. This was made possible thanks that today, November 23rd, the official commercial for the new Christmas campaign of fashion juggernaut H&M was released on YouTube. As you may remember, Katy Perry is this year’s face for the Christmas clothing range of the Swedish firm, just like R&B Queen Beyoncé (another singer) was the face of H&M for their Summer campaign a couple of years ago. Back then Beyoncé also recorded an original song to serve as the official theme music of the campaign’s TV ad.

In Katy’s H&M commercial, which you can check out below, the “Firework” star is seen dressed as a fairy who will be the hostess of a magical huge Christmas party that will take place in an all-white set. There, we will see elfs dancing, kids getting presents, a hot guy – yeah, the same hot guy that co-stars in Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video (is this shade from Katy?) – flaunting his shirtless chest on top of a shiny red car or Christmas tree accessories looking very ALIVE doing a parade. As you’ll see, this is a very bizarre but Christmassy in the end, and very Katy Perry too, commercial. I’m sure this could be a world where Katy wouldn’t mind living in.

Her original Christmas song “Every Day Is A Holiday” is very festive and feel-good! I love it! I wonder, though, is this really the full version? Maybe Katy will surprise us releasing on iTunes an extended version soon! Fingers crossed!

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