Watch a Teaser From Eagles of Death Metal's New Album ''Zipper Down'' below

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Eagles Of Death Metal say new album is ‘as sexy as Brad Pitt meets Antonio Banderas’ – watch

Eagles Of Death Metal have discussed their upcoming new album, hyperbolically claiming that it’ll “end global warming” and “cure hunger”.

The duo – made up of Queen Of The Stone Age front man Josh Homme and band mate Jesse Hughes – released the new album ‘Zipper Down’ in October.

Asked whether there’s an overarching theme to the album, Hughes replied that it stresses the lesson that “there’s not a problem that shagging ass won’t normally get you out of”.

Homme added: “I think we’re just excited for the [album] to be freed. The day it comes out, I’ve hired a bunch of doves to be released at my house.

Each one has a song name tattooed on it, which is probably going to get me in a lot of trouble. But they will be freed and let into the wild, so catch one”.

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