Timbaland - The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian

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‘The Way I Are’ ft. Keri Hilson,

At first, you may think you are on an air-strip with the beginning sound like a plane engine just being turned on.
Apart from the few “yeahs” that are splattered in the introduction, it is an ode to a man with low finances and true love in his heart.
Timbaland frankly states `I can’t buy you flowers’ yet Keri Hilson does not need any coaxing as she replies `I like you just the way you are’.
Hilson’s breathy voice and a cameo by D.O.E remind you that Timbaland is has other plans to develop other artists by sharing his shine with them.
This track almost sneakily feels like Timbaland has packed his bags from the R&B/hip hop palace for greener pastures yet the more you listen to it, the trademark sound of that addictive beat he creates is still here in this Euro-dance flavoured song.

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