The Libertines New Album 'Anthem For Doomed Youth' Out Now!

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Anthems For Doomed Youth was recorded in Thailand, with Doherty arriving, as per Barât’s insistence, straight from rehab (his substance abuse having triggered the downfall of the quartet back in the 2000s).

The sense of musicians starting over is palpable and the songs are hazier, more strung-out than before.

Far from delivering a kiss of irrelevance, the seeming absence of urgency is liberating.

With Doherty and Barât’s vocals intertwining and occasionally indistinguishable, ‘Barbarians’ (a reworking of an older piece from Barât’s project, Babyshambles) blends upbeat tempos and a jerking bass, while Doherty slips into confessional setting on ‘Heart Of The Matter’ (“with all the battering it’s taken/I’m surprised that it’s still ticking”).

In his late 30s, he is perhaps old enough to have a premonition of regret over half a lifetime of excess and notoriety.

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