New EP From The Decemberist's - 'Florasongs' Out October 9th 2015

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Seems like only yesterday, AMLR, that we Decemberists arose, homonaledi-like, from the South African cavern of our hiatus and presented unto the world our 8th (Im pretty sure) long-playing record What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, but it was, in fact, last January.

It would be strange if it were, actually, yesterday. Because in the interim, weve toured the world*, performed on television and radio, made videos and have generally made a nuisance of ourselves in the face of an indulging public. For that, we thank you.

But to our point: you may not know this, but nineteen songs were recorded for WATW,WABW, each one of them a contender. Since there are very few records in existence that merit a nineteen-plus song tracklist (e.g. Tusk, Zen Arcade, and nope, thats it), we mercifully whittled it down to fourteen tracks.

Where did the other five songs go?

Well, since you asked, you might as well know theyve been neatly slotted on to an EP which will be released by Capitol Records on October 9th. It will be called florasongs (a reference to that woody sanctuary that is Tucker Martines Portland studio) and here is the track listing:

1. Why Would I Now?
2. Riverswim
3. Fits & Starts
4. The Harrowed and the Haunted
5. Stateside

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