Los Lobos Return With "Gates of Gold"

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“Gates Of Gold, the group’s first album of new material in five years, practically bursts with the spirit of exploration that has marked Los Lobos’ best work over the years.

Musically and culturally, the band speaks to its audience in a way few others have or could.”

Their first collection of new songs since 2010, the album was produced by the band who continue to hone their multi-faceted sound and fresh storytelling.

The 11 tracks showcase a band that continues to keep it real.

Their songs are snapshots of true life moments with themes ranging from the immigrant experience in America to melancholic ruminations on impending mortality.

The music is as dynamic, eclectic yet distinctive as ever.

Thoughtful, darkly romantic and spiritual lyrics are enhanced by slow burning blues rock, impressionistic soul, traditional Mexican folk music or straight ahead garage band jams. The band will embark on an extensive tour this year in support of the album

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