Listen To The New Single From Willis Earl Beal - ''Flying So Low'' Off The New Album ''Noctunes''

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Willis Earl Beal has announced plans to release his new album, ‘Nocturnes’, on 28th August.

The Chicago artist was initially signed to XL sister label Hot Charity, breaking through a wave of hype before leaving the imprint to put out a series of self-releases at a prolific rate. According to a press release, during a stint in New York he’d drink himself “into stupors. I’d walk around in the daytime, crying, then I’d go downtown. The police would bring me home in the morning.”

He’s also said to have moved to the woods after ending his deal with XL, and it was here where he put together ‘Nocturnes’. “The record, to me, is a perfect record. I listen to that thing a lot, and it helps me,” he says.

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