Listen To The New Single From Slave 'Socket' Out Now!

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Slaves have definitely been making one hell of a noise this year and, whether it be their feud with rival Sleaford Mods or a mysterious kitchen knife accident, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be calming down anytime soon. The duo’s audacious punk attitude has already heard guitars shred through speakers and drums battle bass on their debut album Are You Satisfied and, lifted from this, Sockets doesn’t seem to stray far from the trend .

As soon as the track begins, Isaac and Laurie build up suspense for the inevitable Slaves frenzy with what at first seems like a rather steady and patterned strummed guitar gradually transforming into a ravaging scuzz. Everything then picks up in a snowball effect with guitars, vocals and drums all getting both louder and faster as the track pushes forward. Sockets is an unconventional serenading of adoration and beauty with the lyrics ‘When she walked in the room you could hear your eyes rolling round in their sockets’ easily being applicable to a Frank Turner love ballad, but Slaves manage to make it none the sort. Its sheer aggression totally contrasts connotations of the style and sees the Tunbridge Wells duo injecting a burst of defiance into their music and philosophy.

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