Listen To The New Single From Leigh Nash - “Doing It Wrong”

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Within the first 20 seconds of her new song “Doing It Wrong,” Leigh Nash shuts down any and all potential critics telling her to stick with what she knows. Nash, lead singer of the beloved romantic-rock band Sixpence None The Richer for more than 15 years, is not one to be put in a creative box. In the past 10 years since Sixpence’s temporary breakup, Nash, never to be wed to one type of sound, has experiment all different genres of music, everything ranging from electronic (2007’s Fauxliage, a collaboration she did with the Canadian musical duo Delerium) to hymnal (as heard in her 2011 solo album Hymns and Sacred Song). In her upcoming album, Nash experiments with going back to her roots. The State I’m In is a country album that’s a nod to her upbringing in Texas Hill Country, but maintains hints of the the various musical styles she’s dabbled in in her expansive career.

The State I’m In will be available Sept. 18 via Nash’s One Son Records in partnership with Thirty Tigers. Listen to the premiere of the twangy “Doing it Wrong” above. Nash’s fun and fierce rock-country song assures listeners that although they may not know her next move, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and she plans to do it right.

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