Listen To The New Single From Jonathan Tyler - '' "Everything Was Cool in 2002" Out Now!

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With renewed creative control, Tyler returns to his gritty, Americana roots in his recently released LP Holy Smokes, a record five years in the making that takes a huge step away from the modern rock approach of his last release, Pardon Me.

The tracks on Holy Smokes are influenced by blues and folk and characterized by a smooth, Southern flow, ranging from the up-beat “Honey Pie” to the sweet and solemn “To Love is to Fly”—a duet with Nikki Lane.

The closing track of the album, “Everything Was Cool in 2002,” is accompanied by a stripped-down music video recorded live at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, Texas. Recorded on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the video shows the band as the organic, eclectic group of rockers audiences will see on Tyler’s upcoming tour.

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