Listen To The New Single From Enya - ‘Echoes in Rain’ Off Her New Album ‘Dark Sky Island’

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Enya has confirmed the release of a new album entitled ‘Dark Sky Island’, her first record since 2008, with a release date set for November 20.

The existence of the Irish star’s new record had been shrouded in mystery, but Dublin-based publication Hot Press recently revealed that work has been underway since as early as 2012, with producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan once again on board. The album is inspired by Roma Ryan’s poetry set around the island of Sark.

“Sonically, Dark Sky Island is a collection that’s both incredibly diverse and innately unified by the production: almost Spector-esque in its lavish, wide-screen multi-tracked layers of sound.”

“Opening track ‘The Humming’ is an immediate highlight as it subliminally works its infectious magic within the course of a single listen. By contrast, ‘Even In The Shadows’ pulses with an insistent rhythm; the hymnal ‘I Could Never Say Goodbye’ is sparse in its reflective beauty; while ‘Sancta Maria’ blends synthesisers and classical instrumentation to create an ethereal soundscape that comfortably sits in both the past and the future. It’s almost a history of sound encapsulated in four hypnotic and otherworldly minutes.”

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