Listen To The New 5SOS's 'Sounds Good Feels Good' Out Now!

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After months and months and a few more months of waiting, 5SOS have finally gone and released sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good and let’s just say that it’s worth every single second you spent wishing it was inside your earholes already.

Just over a year on from releasing the debut self-titled record, 5 Seconds of Summer really couldn’t have come further.

From circling the globe about forty five times and winning a whole pile of awards on their way, to the epic 69 stop Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour and starting a whole social movement in the form of The New Broken Scene, it’s pretty amazing that they’ve even had the time spare to write and record album number two.
But they’ve done just that and as we’re sure you’ve already listened about 43 times, it’s time to have a bit of a chat about what we make of the album.

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