Listen To Metallica's New Riiff From Their Upcoming Album

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The group has been working on new songs since at least last year, when they debuted new tune “Lords of Summer” on their Metallica by Request tour. In March, Ulrich told Rolling Stone that “the creative elements [of the album] are close to being done,” adding at the time that, “we are fucking in it.” Late last month, guitarist Kirk Hammett told Ultimate Classic Rock that he was waiting for Hetfield to finish recording so he could work on his parts. As for the direction of the music, he said that “a lot of it was along the lines of Death Magnetic,” the band’s most recent, non-collaborative studio album, which came out in 2008.

In other Metallica news, the group has announced that it will play a gig in San Francisco a day before the Super Bowl. The gig, officially titled “The Night Before,” will take place on February 6th in San Francisco. Cage the Elephant will open the show.

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