Listen To Leona Lewis '' I AM - Part 1'' Now!

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Leona Lewis is back and it feels so good that after a massive three-year break, we’ve finally got some new music from Leona.

Without going too far back into Leona’s X Factor days, it goes without saying that one of the things we loved about her was her voice. It was the one thing that really struck us. Following her X Factor win, she went on to put out a couple of albums filled to the brim with hits that showed off her strong voice. However, after 2009s Echo release, it all sort of started to go downhill for her.

The album’s lead track, Fire Under My Feet is perfectly produced as Leona once again documents her split from Syco. “I tripped and I stumbled/Watched my world crumble/Sometimes you eat dirt/You live and you learn,” she sings. She reveals that her latter days with Syco was like “drowning in quicksand” with no safety net to cushion her fall, but now she is “moving onto bigger things”, which has given her the opportunity to spread her wings – something Cowell did;t.

If there’s one message we get from I Am, it’s that Leona has definitely been through the mill over the years – not just from her split with SyCo, but through all the other elements. On ‘Power’, Leona let’s us know that she is now stronger than ever before, whilst ‘Ladders’ is an empowering track about her journey back up to the top. It’s in the ‘I Am’ and ‘Essence of Me’-type tracks on the album that Leona tells us about the new her, and how she is taking the leap and breaking free. She doesn’t feel constrained anymore. “Oh, I’m breaking free/I’m taking the leap/These borders are deep/I’m feeling the essence of me”.

Leona goes hard on You Knew Me When as she rebels against the SyCo machine. Sadly, as fans it sometimes comes across as though SyCo doesn’t give all its artists the same attention, and Leona highlighted that she is no longer the Leona that Cowell knew her as, and despite the setbacks in her career, she can still hold her head up high. “Take a look / look into my eyes / you’ll see someone you don’t recognize / you’ll see someone who looks like me but I’m not the me that I used to be / Found I could fall but I could get up / after all I could hold my head up / I made it out, I made it through / I’m someone now, I’m someone new”.

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