jazz Musician's - Galactic's New Album ''Into The Deep''

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The wait is over- Galactic’s new album “Into The Deep” is available now!

New Orleans funk/jam band Galactic have been expanding and refining their sound for 20 years, but they don’t show any signs of stagnating soon. The funky six-piece continues to push boundaries on their new album, Into the Deep, which Paste premieres today.

Musically, the album bears all the hallmarks of vintage funk and R&B, but inventive production techniques help distinguish the band from their contemporaries. Bassist Robert Mercurio and saxophonist Ben Ellman make a dynamic production duo, introducing heavy looping and electronic elements to the band’s more organic sound. As a result, “Higher and Higher” and “Long Live the Borgne” make a time-honored template sound decidedly modern.

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