DIIV Share New Song - Mire (Grant's Song) from the upcoming album 'Is The Is Are'

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Is the Is Are is the upcoming sophomore LP from DIIV, due to arrive on February 5th via Captured Tracks. Previously, the Brooklyn natives previewed the Oshin follow-up with lead single “Dopamine” and “Bent (Roi’s Song)”. Today, they return with another glimpse in “Mire (Grant’s Song)”.

According to a Tumbler post by front man Zachary Cole Smith, DIIV’s decision to release the brooding, angular cut was two-fold: as a hearty “thank you” to the fans on their recent South American tour and to showcase “the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album”:

“first off, this song was one I really felt connected with the crowds on this past South American tour, in a real, visceral way,” he writes. “But also this is a song which I feel like should help put a lot of what we take from the album and put on-line before its release in context. it’s so easy to put ‘pop single’ out there, because that’s I guess what people want to hear? and this isn’t really a ‘single’ or anything like that, but i really feel like this song will help make the album make more sense, partially BC it makes more plain the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album, whether its musical, lyrical, or in some less tangible way relating to events or moments in my life around the album’s genesis.

…in short, i feel like this song represents a really important aspect of this album, and to only represent the ‘pop single’ side of it wouldn’t be fair to the album itself.”

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