Coldplay air ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ video - Watch Below..

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Coldplay have unveiled an animated video for ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’, set in the heart of a jungle.

Funnily enough – and this will be news to most people – they actually have bluetooth speakers in the jungle. And just when it looks like surely, there’s no way you could possibly plug said speakers in an animated video with singing gorillas, Coldplay make it happen. Fair play.

Andy Serkis is behind the animation, with Mat Whitecross in the director’s chair. It took six months to put together, and the end result is a bit like Avatar with more speaker products.

Coldplay’s new album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is out on 4th December. It contains ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ and new track ‘Everglow’, which features Gwyneth Paltrow on backing vocals.

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