Blues-Rock-n-Soul Band - Delta Deep New Self Titled Album ''Delta Deep'' is Out Now!

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Delta Deep’ unequivocally sounds like a synergy of pure, unabashed Americana. From the first song ‘Bang the Lid’ which blends the identifiable characteristics of blues, soul, rock and folk, our ears are treated to the repurposed freshness of this heady hybrid and a pithy declaration of what’s to come.

Compositions are elementally and structurally uncomplicated, yet they exude high quality sophistication. Each band member has stretched farther than this in their respective careers but it’s not a blotch on their performances. Rather, the simplicity of a blues shuffle, grooving bass, wailing licks and emotive lyrics are a tried and trusted formula that delivers, making for an easy, enjoyable listen.

Influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, BB King and Billie Holiday, Blackwell-Cook is the vocalist chiefly tasked with conveying the impassioned ideas of the project. Life, love, relationships and the way we cope with the tribulations of all are harmonised with impudent confidence and illustrative articulacy.

Blackwell-Cook brings soul to the album. In many respects her voice is similar the sultriness of Aretha Franklin. Blackwell-Cook’s extensive and salubrious background as a backing singer has built up the technical dexterity to finely tune her vocal performances to compliment the seductive rasps of Collen and Whitesnake’s David Coverdale who cameos. Conversely, she can really open up and let loose those powerful chords in songs like ‘Mistreated’, unleashing the full variety of her flexible falsetto.


Listen To A Track Off The New Album ”DELTA DEEP “Down In The Delta”

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