Alternative Scottish Rock Band - Biffy Clyro New Album ''Opposite'' Out Now!

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Opposites presents two sides, 20 tracks and 78 minutes of loud, proud, in-your-face pop rock. I am not quite sure what the title represents because both sides are so much the same as to be virtually indistinguishable.

Biffy don’t have the swaggering adventurousness of Muse or the arty pretensions of Coldplay but they’ve certainly got something.

Every song punches its weight in terms of dynamics, energy and melody, adding up to a sleek anthemic rock positioned between the soft centre of Snow Patrol and the dark heart of Nirvana, with an underpinning of Celtic guitar riffing.

It’s extremely effective yet there is something punishingly relentless about being hammered with the same blows over and over again.

I am really not sure what Biffy hoped to say to listeners over 20 tracks that couldn’t have been said more effectively over 10. But then, I’m really not sure what Biffy are trying to say at all.

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